by Annas

At Aura Living we are happy to make furniture for diverse markets. We enjoy responding to your wishes and offer bespoke solutions for your situation. But we are thrilled when we can share our unique designs. Unexpected shapes, materials, and technologies come together in the creation of furniture that truly expresses our intention: quintessential beauty of timeless living. We are grateful for the acknowledgment and awards some of our designs have received. Our personal pride in showcasing these designs is expressed by two simple words: by Annas. Each of these designs tells a story, inspired by his personal experiences, dreams, and visions. 



Tango is perhaps Annas' most successful design. The first inspiration came from the simple shape of a bicycle frame, but the final version and the chair's name were inspired by the smoothness and circular movements of this wonderful dance. The spectacular roundings of the back seat seem as fragile as the dancer's dress swirling through the air, yet as strong and reliable as her dance partner's sturdy arms. The skillful design and craftsmanship of our carpenter ensure the unexpected strength of this structure while keeping the elegant shape it all started with. Tango is available in Teak and Mahogany and comes in both natural and custom colors.


Boogaloo emerged from Annas' curiosity for the mesmerizing quality of geometric repetition, something he later recognized in the works of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. The seemingly three dimensional pattern of the fabric is hand sewn, using carefully selected high quality leather in three natural colors. A second recurring pattern is the boomerang shaped structure of the chair's sides. In the same series of Boogaloo, Annas designed a stackable side table, the boomerang shaped legs gently resting on top of each other.


Not for the faint-hearted, this marbled armchair is a unique eye-catcher. Each item is a one-off version. Inspired by marbled nail polish, Annas experimented with paint, adding ingredients and trying out procedures until he could decorate the entire chair frame in this organic way. The fabric is made to match the unique pattern for each specific chair.


Seeing nature as an endless source of inspiration for organic shapes, Annas has always felt awe and wonder for snakes. The legs of his sidetable Tantilla are inspired by and named after this harmless genus of snakes that comes in over sixty varieties in Central and South America. The design follows the colors of the main varieties and the elegant shape of the curled up snake, each one masterfully carved from a single piece of wood.