Aura Living offers furniture with different faces. The portfolio shows a series of unique signature design items, labeled ‘Aura Living by Annas’. These items combine daring design with smart innovative techniques in stitching, painting, or woodwork. Please click the link to see how Annas created his award-winning product Tango Chair.


Our collection will speak to the heart and mind of very different people.

Curvy and Chic plays with baroque elements and a modern twist. Born from the know-how of Indonesian craftsmen, we develop and produce retro-classical and chic wooden furniture. The quality of the materials used, the attention to details and the audacious lines inspired by the golden age of French cabinetwork are the guarantee of exceptional furniture.

Streamlined and Sleek gives you a hint of contemporary Scandinavian design and mid century. Minimalist models with a luxury appearance. Simple is more is the underlying theme. Most of this furniture shows you the honest quality of pure high quality and legally harvested teak and mahogany from local forests.

For larger quantities, Aura Living can produce traditional furniture items, usually with subtle details that reveal their quality. Aura Living also offers bespoke versions of all the traditional furniture items. Please contact us to share your desires and we make the dream come true.